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P uzzle Axe is a mobile-based adventure game that completely reinvents the jigsaw puzzle. It is a game that sneaks up on you by continuously riffing on its central jigsaw puzzle mechanic. What starts out as familiar becomes a remarkable vehicle to move the story and the game along, offering new and novel ways to present jigsaw puzzles.

The story takes place in a faraway kingdom controlled by two axes of unimaginable power crafted for the royal family. The king who has two sons, Andylion and Noxious, is ready to to pass along the axes, but one of them is destined to be the heir to the throne.

Unfortunately for Noxious, Andylion is the favorite for succession. In a fit of jealous rage, he steals an axe, escapes into the kingdom and begins to break it apart.

Now the fate of the kingdom lies in Andylion hands and you must help him reclaim it!






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